Book Club

Welcome to the Conscious Living Book Club!


It’s a new year and we have a NEW LOCATION and a NEW MEETING TIME.

WHEN: The last SUNDAY of every month from 7:30-9:00pm.

LOCATION: The One in the Only – 966 Danforth Avenue (near Donlands Subway Station)

Next Meeting: Sunday, February 23rd

Currently, we are reading:

Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction By: Stephen Eric Bronner


Critical Theory: A Very Short Introduction

New members are always welcome. For more information, contact: Bronwyn

Other books on the table (for possible future reading):

  • Your Money or Your Life by Dominguez and Robin
  • The Global Citizen by Donella Meadows
  • In Defense of Food by Pollan
  • How Bad are Bananas: The Carbon Footprint of Everything by Berners-Lee
  • Life, Money, and Illusion: Living on Earth as if We Want to Stay by Nickerson
  • The Limits of Growth by Donella Meadows
  • Beyond the Limits by Donella Meadows
  • The Great Remembering by Peter Forbes
  • The Spirit Level by Richard G. Wilkinson & Kate Pickett

So far, we have read:

Suggestions for other books are always welcome! Leave us a comment, send us an email, or bring your suggestions with you to the next book club meeting.

All are welcome at the book club. There is no cost (but supporting the coffee shop would be nice).

Hope to see you there!