We’re glad you’ve come to visit.

We are the riding association representing all members of the Green Party of Ontario and the Green Party of Canada who reside in the electoral district of Beaches-East York, Toronto. For a full description of this district’s boundaries click here.

We host meetings for members, organize fundraising events, and are actively involved in campaigns, but we’re also a community outreach group.

So, whether or not you support, vote for, or are a member of the Green Party, we’d love to see you! All are welcome at all our events. Peruse our calendar. Subscribe to our email list. Join our conversation on Facebook and Twitter. We look forward to meeting you.

The Green Party platform is always available, election time or not. Read the Green Party of Ontario’s platform here, and the Green Party of Canada’s platform here.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Yes, please! Contact us.

Thank you!